Whoop Whoop, the whales are here! This year whale season started early with whales being spotted as early as the end of April!

Hermanus has recently had the honour of being named the top spot in the world out of 10 for whale-watching in the Telegraph’s world’s best whale-watching holidays for 2019. Hermanus is a quaint and beautifully scenic seaside town located a mere 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town overlooking the Atlantic.

Whale watching in this area has become extremely popular, attracting local and international travellers every year. Some of the whales in Hermanus are Bryde’s whales, Humpback whales or Southern Right whales. The Southern Right whale is the most densely populated of all Hermanus whales that visit the area. Every year about 100 whales gather to breed in Hermanus during the months of June to December, with as many as close to 200 whales in Hermanus spotted at one time. This year whale season started early with the first whale spotted close to the New Harbour in Hermanus on the 30th of April.

The first lot of whales normally start to arrive at the end of May, and every week more and more of these magnificent creatures arrive. Normally by September the full number of whales for the year are in Hermanus. If you are hoping to go whale watching in Hermanus, the peak whale season is September and October.

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