Explore the wild and pristine coastlines of Southern Africa

Why Visit

Southern Africa boasts some of the most incredible coastlines in the world, from the warm beaches of the Indian Ocean along the east coast to the cold, wild coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean along the west coast. For travellers looking for a great beach holiday destinations, Southern Africa's beaches are the perfect choice as they are not only beautiful but are often secluded and not packed with  holidaymakers. Locals take great pride in the beauty of their country's coastal and marine environments, and they work hard to preserve these ecosystems so that they can be enjoyed by future generations. Explore these stunning beaches while journeying along the coast, staying in quaint coastal villages or doing your part in preserving Southern Africa's seaside.

Southern Africa's coastlines offer incredible views and an abundance of natural beauty

What to Expect

  • Untouched beaches that span for miles all along the Southern African coastline, from Mozambique to Namibia.
  • The incredible Mother City, Cape Town, offers guests several world renowned beaches such as the glamorous Camps Bay, where you can enjoy a dazzling sunset while sipping a refreshing cocktail. 
  • Quaint, historical seaside towns and villages that are perfect for a relaxing getaway.
  • See the incredible diversity of the coastal wildlife, from penguins to the magnificent southern right whale.  
  • Visit iconic locations like Boulders Beach and Cape Point, the southernmost point in Africa and where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet
  • The mysterious and misunderstood great white sharks that call the cold waters of the West Coast home. Get up close and take an active role in helping to preserve these incredible creatures.
  • On the east coast, expect semi-tropical beaches, with warm waters and a variety of beach activities like snorkeling and surfing! On the west coast, the climate is much more Mediterranean and the waters are much calmer which is perfect for sailing, kayaking and scuba-diving.


2 Day White Shark Volunteering

Marine Conservation Adventure

South Africa has long been known for its abundance of Great White Sharks, making it a prime area to observe these magnificent creatures, now a protected species in South Africa. Owing to massive negative media publicity over the years, sharks have become one of the most maligned, misunderstood, even hated species on our fragile planet. The Great White Shark Project is dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the world's greatest predator and its environment. The project works with students, eco-tourists, conservation organizations and marine resource users to gather data on Great White Sharks, correct negative misconceptions about sharks.

6 Day Cape Peninsula Adventure

Coastal Exploration

Stay in the heart of the naval village of Simon's Town on the False Bay Coastline of the scenic Cape Peninsula. Your hotel for the next five nights is perfectly positioned on the water’s edge of Simon’s Town yacht basin, with breathtaking views over False Bay and the majestic Simon’s Kloof Mountains as well as of the yachts and boats in the harbour. This is the perfect base to explore the Cape Peninsula, with its wide range of activities and sightseeing on offer within easy access. Kayaking with penguins, shark cage diving, whale watching, boat trips, learning to surf or stand-up paddle, wine tasting and golfing, hiking, cycling and diving... the options are endless. 

3 Day Whale Coast Adventure

Scenic Adventure

Experience all of the natural splendour that the West Coast has to offer. Travel by bicycle, down along the dunes to the seaside and take in the fantastic scenery of the Fynbos.  For nature lovers, the area is filled with indigenous plants and animals to see and photograph, and for the more adventurous travellers, you can try to tackle cycling up the steep sand dunes. The tour can be for anyone who can ride a bike and is not very strenuous as we take our time and it is more about taking in the amazing afternoon sun and sunset.