Southern Africa 360 is an owner run and managed business by husband and wife team Nikki and Collin. Not only is the company Fair Trade Tourism accredited it is also classified as being a 100% black owned business. Southern Africa 360 operates 2 dedicated divisions within its fold: Luxury Holidays and Exclusive Tours. Our team of consultants are led by a dedicated Product Manager that is specific to the markets we operate in so that we can provide client and market focused services. Southern Africa 360 is renowned for designing packages and holidays to second/third/forth time visitors into the destinations we sell and with our own fleet of small luxury vehicles we do offer a very competitive edge when it comes to meeting or matching client budgets.  


To provide high quality luxury holiday experiences and share Southern Africa with the world. 


To make your Southern African travel dreams come true with carefully crafted itineraries, handpicked inclusions, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


The dream for Southern Africa 360 was born in 2009 when owner Collin Thaver, a seasoned Tourism Personality, was relocating from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The idea was to offer luxury travel and bespoke holiday packages into the lesser known tourist regions of Southern Africa. It didn’t take long for Southern Africa 360 to establish themselves as the preferred tour operator for second and third time visitors into the region. We now sell luxury holidays and exclusive tours into: South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique.

What was originally a husband and wife team is now a group of highly skilled and experienced travel consultants and product developers, each dedicated to different markets, but all committed to developing exciting and unique African holidays.


Collin Thaver
Managing Director

Collin’s experience in corporate travel, tourism and hospitality spans over 21 years, focusing in recent years on realigning businesses and the strategic planning behind them. Transformation, evolution, growth and harmonious working environments are what drive him, and this is evident in what currently exists at Southern Africa 360. Collin believes in exceeding clients' expectations and ensuring visitors to the region have the best possible experience.

Nikki Thaver
Product & Marketing Director

Nikki comes from an academic background, having lectured in Travel and Tourism for 14 years. She has lived in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia and travelled extensively in these countries, as well as in South Africa, so the Southern African region is very close to her heart. Finding unique and different places and things to do is what Nikki most enjoys doing for her clients.  

Alethea Josephs
Operations Manager – Cape Town

With just over 10 years’ experience in the travel industry, Alethea’s past experience includes specialising in family vacations, honeymoons & high-end luxury travel. She herself enjoys travelling to new destinations and spending time with her family. With her knowledge, expertise and customer service, she has maintained a clientele that continues to call on her when it is time to book their next adventure. 

Lerise Thaver
Operations Manager – Johannesburg

With both Lerise parents working within the travel industry, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. With over 10 years of experience in corporate and FIT leisure, Lerise now specialises in group travel into Southern Africa. Her passion lies in regularly travelling to new destinations to gain more insight into the wonders of Southern Africa, enabling her to bring her expertise to her clients at any given time.


Intrinsic to Southern Africa 360’s culture and philosophy is that of ‘giving back’. We recognise the importance of and are committed fully to making a meaningful contribution to the significant environmental, social and human impacts tourism has on its surrounding environment.

Our support extends to both environmental protection through supporting the preservation of one of Africa’s most threatened wildlife species, and community development, empowering South Africa’s children through education.


A social interest that was close to the heart of Nelson Mandela has also become a priority of ours: empowering and educating the women of South Africa. Young and old, we work to assist the women of South Africa who would like to further their education within the tourism sector. We have pledged to assist young girls in school, students working towards a tertiary-level qualification, and young female entrepreneurs hoping to forge a path in the tourism sector of South Africa, by providing mentorship and funding towards skills development.


South Africa’s rhinos are in crisis, and the Stop Rhino Poaching Foundation are making every effort to help by channeling public support to selected key reserves and rhino security projects around the country.

As a registered supporter with the Stop Rhino Poaching Foundation, we are able to ensure that 100% of our contributions go to rhino protection programs working towards protection where it counts on the ground, collapsing poaching syndicates, reducing demand around the world, and the commitment to combating wildlife trafficking on a global level.


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