The Western Cape has made it on the global map again, this time with the honour of being named the top spot in the world for whale-watching in the Telegraph’s 10 of the world’s best whale-watching holidays for 2019. Hermanus is a quaint and beautifully scenic seaside town located a mere 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town overlooking the Atlantic.

Hermanus boasts festivals such as the annual Hermanus Whale Festival so it comes as no surprise that the local destination has been hailed the best spot in the world. The international publication described the town as “a small fishing village”, noting the migration of the Southern Right whale as a must-see event. The Southern right whales come to calf and mate off this coast between June and November, performing their acrobatics incredibly close to the shore. Southern Right Whales are known for their friendly and playful nature and can weigh over 47 tones and reach a length of 18 meters.

Here are the top 10 whale watching spots across the world according to The Telegraph: 

1. Hermanus – South Africa

2. California – United States of America

3. Canary Islands

4. Vancouver Island – Canada

5. San Ignacio Lagoon – Mexico

6. Grundarfjorour – Iceland

7. Queensland – Australia

8. Cetaceans – Azores

9. Christchurch – New Zealand

10. Madeira – Portuguese Island

Hermanus is a destination we look forward to visiting every year and one we cannot recommended enough! Please contact us if you would like some more information on a whale watching experience or some sample packages showing how this experience can be incorporated into a package.

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