Experience and live like a local as you immerse yourself in a traditional Southern African community

Why Visit

Travelling abroad means experiencing new ways of life but it is often easy to miss out on the authentic local experience. South Africa is home to many different communities, who all make up the vibrant and diverse Rainbow Nation. With each community comes a new range of traditions and lifestyles to explore. We've created homestay experiences where you can live like a local and engage with a South African family, learning more about their culture and gaining a deeper understanding of their heritage. By supporting such a project visitors contribute to the upliftment of the community, as skills and living standards are enhanced through training and fund generation.

Feel like part of the community and stay over with a local host family, learning more about the locals and yourself

What to Expect

  • Welcoming host families who will open their homes to you and treat you like family.
  • A taste of South Africa that very few tourists get to experience - daily life and traditional foods of real families who will share their stories you will remember forever.
  • South Africa's stunning east coast and the diverse communities that make up Durban.
  • A traditional Venda Village and the Makushu community who are welcoming, friendly and ready to share their culture, traditions and stories with you.
  • Traditional dances and artwork, that you will have the opportunity to take part in and create!
  • Explore the old, unspoiled mission village of Goedverwacht, in the Western Cape, and the old church that forms the heart of this community.


3 Day Eastern Home-Stay in Durban

Indian Home-Stay

A testament to the diversity of the country, Indians make up a large portion of the population, especially on the east coast of South Africa. Stay with a local Indian family and discover how their culture and traditions add to the vibrant variety that makes up modern South Africa. Durban is home to the largest Indian population outside India. Glimpses of India are visible in the sights, smells and sounds of this vibrant coastal city. 

3 Day Limpopo Home-Stay

Traditional Venda Home-Stay

A traditional Venda homestay in a small village in the Limpopo province. The Makushu community is welcoming, friendly and ready to share their culture, traditions and stories with you... Take part in the activities with the locals, enjoy their traditional foods and get in touch with your creative side. Take in your surrounding as this is an experience of a lifetime. You will arrive as guests and leave as family. 

3 Day Goedverwacht Home-Stay

Coloured Community Home-Stay

Experience a true cultural experience with the community of Goedverwacht. Explore this unspoiled mission village full of history during your community homestay. You will be living like a local with a welcoming coloured family, get to know their community and experience their way of living. This Moravian mission station is situated in a fertile and well-watered valley in the Swartland region of the Western Cape, only about 2 hours by road from Cape Town.