Team members Alethea Josephs and Heidi Botha visited the beautiful Bulawayo & The Matopos Hills in Zimbabwe. Here is what they have to say about their visit:

This beautiful and historic city was a delight to visit. Our stay in the old Bulawayo, although brief, was one we shall never forget.

The real added value comes from the wisdom and humour of the guides. Golden, our tour guide was well educated about the history behind the City, the park, the local flora & fauna, and allowed for ample stops to take pictures as we walked through the City of Bulawayo. We were captivated by the humanlike qualities of the various stone structures, which the guides called out phenomenally. Bulawayo is all about Industry, Culture & Entertainment.

In the second half of the trip, our guide who took us to a traditional village setting and led us up into some of the ancient cave dwellings. Here, we got to see traditional aloe bush paintings that have survived millennia and depict villagers spearing elephants for food -- quite a sight to imagine. He also speculated as to the structures where the chief would speak and where the women slept.

Then up to the top of the spiritual mountain, the burial place of Cecil John Rhodes is marked on top of the hill. The view at the top of the hills is breath-taking. It truly deserves its nickname of "World's View". The climb up the hill takes a little effort, but it's well worth it. The landscape in this area is amazing.

Overall, we have to say Matobo was arguably the top highlight of our trip as there is something for everyone. The cave paintings, Cecil John Rhodes grave, and the dramatic granite hills that house his remains. The view is amazing from the top and the walk up is not too enervating.

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