Southern Africa 360 are contributing to the development of young people and small business in the Tourism Industry. As part of our growing small business we have dedicated ourselves to empowering young people and developing females in the tourism industry.

In September 2018 we hired our first Intern, Mckayla Isaacs and in June 2019 we hired two additional Interns to join our team, Ammaarah Samaai and Stephanie Sauls. These young ladies have are all studying a National Diploma in Tourism for 18 months and are working their 18 month in-service training following requirements as documented in a logbook in order to complete their 3 year qualification. We are teaching these ladies much needed skills to empower them in the tourism industry, a working environment and in order to complete their logbooks.

Since Mckayla joined the team she has grown day-by-day from assisting our consultants with bookings to being promoted to a Junior Tour Consultant, sending out her own quotes as well as managing the daily operations of our clients and checking in daily to ensure all trips are running smoothly.

Over the past few weeks Ammaarah and Stephanie have shown promising results and we are hoping to promote these ladies to fully fledged Junior Tour Consultants when they have gained the relevant experience and learned more about the working environment. Both of these ladies are fresh out of college and are being taught the ins and outs of our business by our Senior Tour Consultants.

We asked Mckayla, Ammaraah and Stephanie to reflect on their hopes, dreams and continuous learning within the tourism industry and to give us a quick breakdown of what they are thinking of their progress, what they have learnt and what the future holds for them. Here is what they had to say:

Mckayla Isaacs

Ammarrah Samaai 

Stephanie Sauls 

We are excited to see the daily growth and progress of these ladies. Keep an eye out, we will be posting future features as we track the progress and development of these ladies over the duration of their in-service training!

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