Sun, sand and sea! Southern Africa’s coastlines offer incredible views and an abundance of natural beauty. Southern Africa is home to some of the most incredible coastlines in the world, South Africa alone has a 3 000 kilometer long coastline. So if you’re after a relaxing beach holiday under the sun, Southern Africa’s beaches, will be a perfect choice. It is no surprise that South Africa was one of the first countries outside of Europe to earn blue flag status for some of her beaches. Dive into a palette of glittering turquoise waters, golden sunsets and endless stretches of white sand on a beautiful beach holiday as you visit some of the many beaches around:

Cape Town’s beaches offer some of the best beaches in the world, boasting the spectacular backdrop of the Cape Fold Mountain range, Cape Town’s beaches are some of the most scenic worldwide. The Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean border the coastal city of Cape Town, offering plenty of choice when it comes to beaches, from the family-friendly beaches in False Bay to the trendy beaches in Clifton, if you’re a sand-and-sea lover looking to soak up the gorgeous African sun and relax in the great outdoors, Cape Town’s beaches are for you!

Mozambique has a warm tropical climate with the average temperature throughout the year being a balmy 28 Degrees Celsius, the best time to visit is June and October as the weather is hot and relatively dry. The coastal areas tend to be sunny year-round offering a paradise with miles of deserted beaches dotted along this Indian Ocean coastline, lending themselves to a wealth of water and land-based activities. The lagoons and tides give life to the mangrove forests, which are popular with East African birds, bush babies, mongoose and monkeys. The hard and soft coral reefs just off the coast are home to many species of small fish and dolphins, offering a host of diving spots ranging from easy to more challenging. Find out more about this breath-taking beach destination here.

The Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape provides unspoiled natural beauty, this part of the South African coastline is nothing short of spectacular, its authentic villages are charming, and the fauna and flora impressive. But, it also has some of the most exquisite beaches on the continent. Comprising of about 300 kilometres of coastline between East London and Port Edward, the name Wild Coast complements the area’s scenery of untamed splendour and cliffs, which in two places feed waterfalls directly into the ocean.

The semi-tropical warm waters of Kwa-Zulu Natal lend themselves perfectly to lazy beach days, frolicking in the waves, and a fun-filled beach holiday for the whole family. Durban is an Indian-influenced harbour city boasting beautiful beaches that continue to attract visitors from all over the world. Durban’s beaches boast surfing spots like Bay of Plenty and Dairy and a bodyboarding favourite, North Beach. Swimming is possible right along the coastline thanks to shark nets and lifeguards on duty. The Indian Ocean is also warmer than its counterparts, promising comfortable swimming conditions almost all year round. The weather in Kwa-Zulu Natal is, generally, hotter than in the rest of South Africa, which means that days on the beach are even possible in winter.

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