Oudtshoorn is a town situated in the Klein Karoo area of the Western Cape, known for its ostrich farms, Oudtshoorn rests along the Route 62 wine route. Outshoorn has fun activities on offer, natural wildlife and Meerkat Adventures.

Meerkats are small mammals of the Mongoose family with a Lemur-like face and four toes on each foot. A proudly South African carnivore the name is Afrikaans for ‘lake cat’. Meerkats are social creatures, like most South African locals, they live in groups of 20 – 30. Meerkats are well known for standing, they have a 25 – 35cm body when standing on their hind legs and use their tails to balance them in their famous pose. Meerkats are part of the Shy 5, which includes the bat-eared fox, porcupine, the aardvark and the aardwolf.

Visitors to Oudtshoorn can experience a wild habituated meerkat tour, they will have the privilege to get up close to these little creatures in the wild. This popular activity commences at sunrise and is dependent on fair weather, since meerkats will not venture outside their burrows on cold or rainy days. All tours last for 2 to 3 hours and booking in advance is essential. Guests can look forward to viewing meerkats as they come out their burrow into the sunshine and then go about their daily routine of foraging and frolicking. All tours are led by an experienced tour guide. Meerkats are wild animals and as such they are not fed or handled by humans.

If you would like sample packages showing how a Meerkat Adventure can be incorporated into an itinerary or if you would like more information on this exciting adventure, please contact us.

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