Our team is growing! We would like to welcome our newest Inbound Travel Consultant Leah Matela. Leah was born and raised in Lesotho, a country known as the mountain kingdom or kingdom in the sky. She came to South Africa to study and she fell in love with Cape Town. Leah loves to interact with people, especially those from different cultures and social ethnic groups. She has been fortunate enough to have visited the most popular places in Southern African such as Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls among others.

Leah’s favourite place is Namibia with its distinguished desert. Her aspirations are to travel to the rest of Africa and enjoy the unmatched hospitality that it offers. She is passionate about planning other people’s journeys in order to make their dream come true and have unforgettable memories.

Her slogan is: “Africa is not just a continent but it is a feeling to me. My travels have touched me in such way that, I think of my unique experiences of traveling to different destinations. The unique and yet similar cultural practices in all of Africa cools me down.”

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