If you are wondering what the latest news is regarding Cape Town’s water situation, you will be pleased to hear that it is much better now than it was in March 2018. It is difficult to believe that this time last year residents were constantly being warned of day zero, the day the city’s taps would run dry.

Cape Town’s dam levels are double what they were in 2018. Dams supplying water to Cape Town are currently at 52.7% capacity, a welcomed contrast to last year’s very low 23%. The Theewaterskloof Dam, the province’s biggest dam, is still over 40% full, which is four times its level in 2018. 

Hydro-climatologist Piotr Wolski says it’s too soon to tell how this year’s winter rainfall will improve the water situation. “I think anything can happen. It’s possible we will have another dry or wet year. I think what’s important is to look at the range of possibilities.”


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