There are several drawbacks of an organised tour such as joining a group of lots of other people at tourist attractions and only having a limited amount of time to appreciate them, or spending time in the confined quarters of a coach, bus or train with people you have little or nothing in common with.

A self-drive holiday in South Africa or Namibia offers an intriguing mix of adventure, excitement and a sense of freedom – a unique and inspirational experience that will leave you with some great lasting memories of Southern Africa and tales to tell for years to come… Here are a few simple reasons why you should consider a self-drive holiday in South Africa or Namibia as an alternative to the normal way you travel.

The wildlife is astonishing, it is among the most richly diverse and varied on the planet. You could find yourself driving near colossal herds of elephants, African buffalo, beautiful leopards, majestic packs of lions, leaping gazelles and many more. You’ll be able to get up, close and personal with some endangered species, and marvel at them as they hunt and play in the wilderness.

You are able to travel at your own pace and leisure and decide where you want to go and how to long to stay for so you can enjoy the parts you find most special. A self-drive holiday puts you in control. If you come across an area you particularly like, you can explore it further without worrying about holding the entire group up.

You’ll experience the real South Africa, when you’re out there on your own, guiding your own tour of South Africa, you’ll be immersing yourself in the culture on a much deeper level. Those on guided tours often remain in the ‘bubble’ of their tour for the duration of the trip, whereas those on self-drive tours will come into contact with regular South African people, whether it’s at a restaurant, at a petrol station, in a national park or on the road. This makes for a more authentic experience that’s hard to match.

The easy Availability of rental cars, with companies providing a wide range of cars from economy to luxury, with reasonable rental pricing, self-drive trips have become a breeze accommodating planners as well as impulse travellers.

Exposing kids to nature and educating first hand, take the whole family on a self-drive trip away from modern technology and closer to nature. Drive through beautiful, scenic routes and opening curiosity and exposing children to learning life’s experiences while traveling.

There are excellent 4×4 trails across the country,  If you are looking for a 4×4 adventure holiday offering scenery and an abundance of wildlife, South Africa is home to some magnificent 4×4 trails, with something for total beginners and seasoned off-road drivers alike. You’ll find challenging routes that last for days, and simple loops that you can complete in two hours or less.

You’ll save money on travel , by using your own car or hiring one means you can see more of the country without spending endless amounts of money on public transport, taxis or other ways of getting around. You’ll also save on tour costs, giving you extra money to spend on holiday souvenirs because it’s a budget-friendly option!

Spending quality time with the family, it’s lovely to see how a self-drive trip can bring families closer. Talking, laughing, singing, playing along the way. It’s a time most cherished and reminisced and makes one want to plan their next such short trip soon.

With so many advantages of Self-Drive Holidays, it is easy to see why this is becoming a popular way to travel! Please contact us if you would like some more information on a self-drive tour or some sample packages showing how this experience can be incorporated into a package.

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