Southern Africa 360 strives to work with organisations and businesses that are locally owned and contribute to the surrounding communities. We do this to ensure that we are always promoting responsible tourism and hope to be an example for others in the industry. Return Africa is one such organisation and their work with the Makuleke people is important in creating a more community conscious and sustainable tourism industry.

The Makuleke People lived in scattered villages between the Luvuvhu and Limpopo Rivers along South Africa’s northeastern frontier with Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They were removed from this area by the Apartheid regime and it was incorporated into the Kruger National Park. It is now known as the Pafuri region.

After thirty years of struggle, The Makuleke People regained ownership of their homeland, which had since become a prime piece of wilderness with a diverse and abundant wildlife population. Instead of resettling on the land and removing the thriving wildlife, they decided to leave the land as a contract park within Kruger National Park and manage by relying on a responsible form of nature tourism to remedy the negative effects that the forced removal had on their livelihoods. Return Africa is helping the Makuleke People in this endeavor to ensure that the community has the expertise and resources it needs to effectively manage the park.

Together we have created a suite of tourism experiences such as the Pafuri Walking TrailPafuri Camp and Baobab Hill Bush House that celebrate both the rugged beauty of one of the world’s few remaining wild places and the steadfast spirit of its people. It is a partnership based on many years of friendship and solidarity. Part of any visit to Pafuriis learning more about the rich traditions and culture of the Makuleke people, and guests will have the opportunity to visit the local village and learn more about their fascinating history.

– Return Africa

Southern Africa 360 has launched 3 amazing safari packages where guests will visit this amazing region, The 4 Day Pafuri Fly-In Safari8 Day Cape Town & Pafuri Safari and 9 Day Pafuri & Tuli Safari Tour. 

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