Travelling alone can be a scary concept. New environment, new people. It can be a little overwhelming when you don’t have someone with you. But solo travel doesn’t need to be unpleasant, in fact, a solo holiday could be your best! Here are 3 reasons why you should consider solo travel!

Blending In

Few things ruin a holiday quicker than being harassed or scammed by unsavory characters while abroad. Nothing screams “I am a tourist” like a group of similarly dressed people looking at guidebooks. Travelling alone allows you to stand out less and enjoy your surroundings without looking like a potential customer. Another way to avoid this is to have a guide with you. Having a personal guide helps you understand the local culture and customs that you may have otherwise never known. Our 15 Day Southern Africa 360 Guided Journey takes solo travellers on a tour through South Africa where you’ll get to experience everything the country has to offer!

Meet Locals

One of the greatest joys of travelling is meeting people from all over the world. When you travel in a group it can be difficult to find time to interact with anyone outside of your travelling party. Solo travel allows you to engage with locals and really make interesting and lasting friendships. South Africa is a well-known destination to meet incredibly friendly people, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, you’ll certainly pick up a few friends along the way. Find out more about our South Africa solo travel packages on our website.

Visit More Places

While travelling solo you have the opportunity to visit the sites you want to visit and because you’re not with a group you can move a lot quicker, allowing you more time to see more places. Another way to make use you can see more places is to travel for longer! We have an amazing 20 Day Cape Town to Victoria Falls via Namibia & Botswana package that will give you plenty of time to truly experience each place you visit.

Travelling alone can be a truly fulfilling experience. You get to learn more about the places you visit and yourself! To find out more about our awesome solo travel packages contact us at

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