The town of Oudtshoorn is situated in the Western Province of the beautiful South Africa and is known and loved by many local holidaymakers around the country. The town is the largest town in the Little Karoo region and attracts many tourists annually because of its tremendous activities and beautiful attractions.


Originally the area was occupied by Bushmen and this can be seen by the extreme amount of rock paintings which can be found in the caves surrounding the Swartberg Mountains. The first farmers settled in the area during the 1700’s and the first large permanent structure – the Dutch Reformed Church – was built in 1839 and the town started growing around this church.


The town of Oudtshoorn is especially known for its ostriches and many ostrich farms surround the town. The ostrich craze in the Karoo started with the fascination the town’s people had with the feathers as they were used as a fashion accessory. They were primarily used as decoration for the ladies’ hats during the 1800’s. Today you can learn all about them at the various ostrich farms which are open to the public.

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