World Class Lodges

Sabi Sands Game Reserve is home to many different lodges that all have something unique to offer. Some are ultra-luxurious, and some are quite affordable. Staying in such a lodge implies that meals are included in your stay. Also the most important thing, safari activities, are included in the rate. This is the quintessential advantage of staying in a private game reserve: You will be guided by highly trained guides that can tell you everything about the reserve and the animals. Day visitors are not allowed in the reserve, so you can only stay here when booked into one of the lodges. You are also not allowed to drive around the reserve on your own. This guarantees the park’s exclusivity. One of the other major advantages is that when on safari with one of the rangers, they are allowed to drive off road (something that is strictly prohibited in Kruger National Park). So, when following a leopard, your ranger is allowed to follow it in the bush. An amazing experience and worth a trip to the bush on its own. Follow the links to our suggested itineraries.


Rare Wildlife Sightings

Sabi Sands is the best place in the world to see the Big Five

Seeing the “Big Five” in the wild is one of the most memorable things one can ever experience. The African continent is the only place in the world where big game still roams freely in great numbers. In particular, the Kruger National Park area and the neighbouring private game reserves are famous for the incredible possibilities seeing the Big Five up close. The term “Big Five” is reminiscent of the old safari hunting days. The name is not derived from the size of the animals as many people believe. Rather, these five animals proved to be the five animals that were the most difficult to hunt. Sabi Sands Game Reserve offers excellent possibilities for viewing Africa’s Big Five. Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, African Elephant and the endangered Rhinos are all frequent to the Sabi Sands region.


Easy Accessibility

There are many flight possibilities available for travellers that seek for the quickest way getting to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve. From Johannesburg and Cape Town travellers can make use of scheduled flights to Kruger/Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) near Nelspruit. From here you can travel onwards to your preferred lodge by making use of a road transfer or a short hop on a small aircraft. South African Airways also serves Hoedspruit Airport which is conveniently located for travellers staying in the northern section of the Sabi Sands Also from Hoedspruit you can choose for either a private road transfers or a short hop on a small aircraft.


Over the plains of South Africa

Gateway to combining luxury destinations in Southern Africa

Visitors to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve arriving at one of the larger airports (Hoedspruit, Kruger/Mpumalanga or Skukuza) may want to make use of a short onward flight on a small aircraft to their preferred lodge. Many of Sabi Sands’ lodges have their own airstrips making it extremely easy getting to your destination. These short flights are an experience in itself and very scenic as the aircraft will stay at a low altitude offering you picture perfect views over the South African Bush. You can also make use of these flights when travelling from lodge to lodge within the Sabi Sands


The Diversity

The Sabi Sands Game Reserve shares a common unfenced boundary with the Kruger National Park and Mala Mala to the east. Two perennial rivers, the Sabie and the Sand flow through this protected conservation area, sustaining the diverse fauna and flora. This river system enjoys one of the highest and most bio-diverse wildlife populations of any area in Africa. Such is the integrity of the environment that there is consistently a year round population of animals that remain within these biomes.

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