How to Travel Namibia

Namibia is so vast with so many adventure activities and options, it can be quite overwhelming for first-timers. Don’t panic! We are here to help you unpack it step by step.

When to visit
Namibia is an all-season destination, so the season depends on the type of traveller. For those who are sun lovers, October to April is ideal. Off-peak season boasts thriving vegetation, however wildlife visibility is low. May to October is peak-season and is the best time for wildlife spotting.

Scheduled guided tours
Southern Africa 360 offers a range of attractions. The Exploring Namibia scheduled guided tour is a 6/8-day Namibia Sand Dunes and Wildlife Safari is a great way to explore the best of Namibia, from the game viewing paradise that is Etosha National Park to the bustling German-inspired coastal town of Swakopmund and the skyscraping dunes of Sossusvlei…

Self-drive tours
Due to Namibia’s safe and secure surroundings, good road infrastructure, frequent and clear toad signs, and accurate maps, it is a great self-drive destination.
Self-drive affords travellers the time and leisure to discover the vastness of the Namibian landscape on their own with a detailed itinerary to guide them through their Namibian adventure.

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