Advantages to self-drive vs private guided or scheduled tours:

No fixed dates: Scheduled tours only run on particular dates and last for a certain period of time and if there aren’t enough passengers, occasionally they cancel the tour all together! On a self-drive holiday you can travel for as long as you want to the dates that you want and spend as many days in each region as you wish to.

Country hopping: You also have the freedom to explore more than one country. Pop over a border or two and experience the wildlife and scenery of several Southern Africa countries in one trip.

Travel the scenic route: Many of South Africa’s most scenic routes are also the ‘long way round’ and often unsuitable for coaches. If you are in a car, you are able to take some of the most stunning coastal, mountain and countryside routes in the world. Hiring a 4×4 or SUV opens up even more routes.

Visit your favourite attractions: Coach tours usually have a fixed itinerary visiting only certain attractions so you will perhaps be taken to some places you have no interest in. Self-drive enables you to see what you want including a visit to friends or family.

Travel at your own speed: One of the greatest limitations of a tour bus is the strict pace and itinerary that drivers must follow. Self-drive holidays have no limitations like this. You can choose to whizz around and see everything you can possibly squeeze in or sit back and enjoy the country leisurely.

See the best kept secrets: A self-drive tour allows you to travel off the beaten track and discover the hidden gems the tour companies simply miss out.

Choose your own travel buddies: Sharing your holiday with a group of people – whether strangers or friends can be a huge blessing or a total nightmare. If you’re spending a lot of money on a holiday of a lifetime, do you really want it ruined by the loud mouth couple that won’t leave you alone? A self-drive tour gets around this issue completely so you share your holiday with the people you love. If you want to take your young family with you, a coach trip is often not an option at all!

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