Corporate Social Investment

Intrinsic to Southern Africa 360 Luxury Holidays’ culture and philosophy is that of ‘giving back’. We recognise the importance of and are committed fully to making a meaningful contribution to the significant environmental, social and human impacts tourism has on its surrounding environment.

Our support extends to both environmental protection through supporting the preservation of one of Africa’s most threatened wildlife species, and community development, empowering South Africa’s children through education.

Today's Reader, Tomorrow's Leader

A social interest that was close to the heart of Nelson Mandela has also become a priority of ours: empowering and educating the women of South Africa. Young and old, we work to assist the women of South Africa who would like to further their education within the tourism sector.

We have pledged to assist young girls in school, students working towards a tertiary-level qualification, and young female entrepreneurs hoping to forge a path in the tourism sector of South Africa, by providing mentorship and funding towards skills development.

Stop Rhino Poaching

South Africa’s rhinos are in crisis, and Stop Rhino Poaching are making every effort to help by channeling public support to selected key reserves and rhino security projects. As a registered supporter with Stop Rhino Poaching, we are able to ensure that 100% of our contributions go to rhino protection programs working towards protection on the ground, collapsing poaching syndicates, reducing demand around the world, and a global commitment to combating wildlife trafficking.


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