Team member Stacey Solomon lives in the Southern Peninsula and she loves visiting Cape Town’s Tidal Pools. Here is what she has to say about her enjoyment of these great natural pools, where to find them and what to expect when you visit:

“I have lived in the Cape Peninsula for twenty years and can honestly say that I never tire at the site of False Bay. Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, windy, hazy or rainy – every day in the Cape Peninsula offers something different to look at it and it is always something beautiful. When I first moved to Cape Town , as a student, I landed in the charming fishing village of Kalk Bay. My flat was right across the road from Dalebrook Tidal Pool. A skip under the subway and onto the beach, it didn’t take me long to get into the swing of refreshing early morning swims, walks along the beach and meeting the locals who had been doing the same for many years. When the tide goes out, the sun heats tends to heat the water of the tidal pools, making them wonderful and protected areas in which to swim, for children and adults alike. Tidal Pools are also safe from sharks and strong tides. Other than St James Tidal Pool, most of the pools lie hidden between the main road and train tracks, so it is good to talk to the locals and seek them out. The Tidal Pools are cleaned regularly (with high pressure hoses) to keep the areas free of algae. All of the sea life in the pools in protected and it is great to take some goggles to have a peak under the water.”

Here is a list of some of my favourite Tidal Pools to visit along the peninsula:

– St James and its brightly coloured beach houses are always a delight and a popular photographed tidal pool in the Cape. It is a good idea to get here early in the summer to avoid the crowds, the locals love their tidal pools too.

– Dalebrook Tidal Pool is my favourite, the swimmers like to train here in the early morning and the local school children often visit the rock pools to learn about the ocean and marine life. It’s safe for children to play and splash and offers a wonderful beach for families. In the summer, there are sometimes informal cinema evenings on the beach where you can bring a picnic and sit by the sea watching a projection screen on the wall. Dalebrook Tidal Pool is situated in Kalk Bay, an area sheltered from the South East wind. I have enjoyed sharing the pool with little fish, a few sting rays and even a local cormorant. Collecting sea glass and gazing into the many rock pools finding curious creatures of all colours. You can lie on the wall and watch the whales and dolphins go by, or watch when the boats are coming back with their catch of the day to the harbour.

– Brass Bell Tidal Pools, situated at the Brass Bell Restaurant in Kalk Bay, these are also popular pools for the locals to visit.

– Wooley’s Tidal Pool, situated on Clovelly corner, has a smaller swimming area and a baby pool that is often quiet.

– Glencairn Tidal Pool, situated further along the coast, another lovely pool locals enjoy visiting.

All of the Tidal Pools listed above are situated along the train line, keep an eye out for trains to wave at and on a Sunday there is often a Vintage Steam Train that passes by.

– Millers Point Tidal Pool, situated beyond Simon’s Town has braai (BBQ) facilities and a slide for children. This tidal pool is large and deep and has exceptional corals, anemones and rock pool life.

– Buffels Bay Tidal Pool, situated in the Cape Point Nature Reserve (entrance fee to the reserve applies) also has places to braai (BBQ) and picnic along the coast of the reserve. This Tidal Pool offers a great place to refresh when you are spending the day exploring the reserve.

– Soetwater Tidal Pool near Kommetjie looks over the Atlantic ocean and is situated close to the Slangkop lighthouse.

It is quite possible that you could tour the Southern Peninsula by visiting the various Tidal Pools dotted along the coastline over the course of a day or two if you don’t want to rush the experience, personally I like taking my time at the pools and enjoying the surrounding areas or beaches. Each tidal pool offers its own scenery, locals and character. A visit to any of these Tidal Pools offer a beautiful way to enjoy a warm summers day.

If you would like sample packages showing how the various Tidal Pools of the Southern Peninsula can be incorporated into an itinerary or if you would like more information on on these refreshing pools, please contact us.


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