This month, Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve in the Western Cape was purchased by Aquila Private Game Reserve. 

Founded in 1994, Inverdoorn has offered guests the quintessential Big Five safari experience on their 1000 hectare reserve in the Karoo. The landscape is in contrast with Aquilla, which is known for its mountainous terrain and incredible vistas. This was one of the highlights of the deal, giving Aqullia not only a new large population of game but also a diverse set of locations and environments for guests to enjoy.

Both reserves have a great variety of Big Five and wildlife, which, within the next month will be further reinforced with new genetics, numbers and species.

– Searl Dorman, owner of The Aquila Collection

One new development from this purchase is a new policy for Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, which is the Cheetah Interaction Policy. Guests will not be permitted to interact with the cheetah or any other wildlife on the Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve.

Cheetah conservation efforts are being streamlined in the interest of the cheetah, and the conservation teams are in the process of working on a conservation policy and ethics that assists in identifying a proactive way forward that benefits cheetah conservation.

The previous owner of Inverdoorn, Damian Vergnaud is confident of the move and Aquila’s reputation and says staff, land and wildlife are in safe and responsible hands.

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