Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town has a lot going for it: the ancient granite boulders protect it from the wind and large waves, making it an ideal swimming spot for kids.Because it falls under the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area, the beach is always clean and safe, and it is rarely crowded. Sure, this comes at the cost of a small conservation fee, but who wouldn’t be willing to part ways with R65 for a day in this paradiseDid I mention the penguins? The soft white sand and warm(ish) waters are not the only reasons why 60 000 visitors a year make their way along the coast, past Simon’s Town, to Boulders Beach. The local inhabitants – and I’m talking about the little tuxedoed chaps here – know how to pull the crowds.African Penguins – formerly known as jackass penguins because of their distinctive braying – are the only penguins found on the continent. Colonies can be found from southern Namibia all the way around the South African coast to Port Elizabeth; however, few places offer as remarkable a viewing point as Boulders Beach.If you want to learn more and to see how Boulders Beach stacks up against some of the World's best white sand beaches, check out this great article "The Most Beautiful White Sand Beaches." Also, book your holiday in Cape Town today, by contacting us on


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